Geomallas de poliéster

Three advantages of using polyester geogrids in the reinforcement of asphalt layers

The reinforcement in the asphalt layers of the pavements with polyester geogrids is a solution that has been implemented in the construction of roads or their maintenance in various countries. Among them, Colombia and Ecuador can be highlighted, which have bet on this type of…

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Factor de eficiencia de las Geomallas de poliéster en el refuerzo de capas asfálticas

Efficiency factor of polyester geogrids in the reinforcement of asphalt layers

The use of polyester geogrids, in the reinforcement of asphalt layers, is an innovative solution that offers multiple advantages in the performance of pavement structures. These control the reflection of cracking, generate an increase in the fatigue life of the asphalt layers and reduce the cost...

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refuerzo de subrasantes

Construction recommendations for the reinforcement of subgrades with Geotextile

To achieve the optimal performance of a structure reinforced with geotextiles, it is vital to develop an adequate construction process, taking into account the recommendations for the handling, transport and storage of the geotextile. If you want to know the best practices to build the reinforcement of subgrades with geotextiles, Eng. Juan Pablo…

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Geotextiles Fortex

Learn about the 5 advantages of Fortex Geotextiles for subgrade reinforcement

Although there are a variety of alternatives, the FORTEX geotextile is very useful for this application, thanks to its mechanical and hydraulic properties. By meeting all the demands required by the reinforcement of subgrades, it allows the control of deformations, achieving a superior reinforcement effect, compared to geotextiles...

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subrasantes con geotextil

Importance and benefits of subgrade reinforcement with geotextile

The use of geotextiles for the reinforcement of subgrades allows the development of solutions that facilitate the construction process and, at the same time, optimize costs and improve the performance of road projects that present soils with low mechanical competence. Geotextiles provide an immediate reinforcement capacity and have technical properties that…

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Suelo reforzado

Design and construction of structures in soil reinforced with Geosynthetics

Design And Construction Of Structures In Soil Reinforced With Geosynthetics Retaining structures in soil reinforced with geosynthetics have positioned themselves as a cost-efficient solution for the development of different applications, among them, the reduction of fill and the reconformation of slopes. To ensure stability, durability and efficiency…

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Aspectos diferenciadores entre estructuras de concreto y muros de contención en suelo reforzado

Differentiating aspects between concrete structures and retaining walls in reinforced soil

  The application of retaining walls in reinforced soil is convenient in areas where the surface to intervene is limited, or requires a quick and efficient execution. By including reinforcing elements such as geogrids in the soil masses, the properties of the structure are improved. Good…

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Sistema de subdrenaje

Recommendations and considerations to take into account for the subdrainage system

Reinforced soil retaining walls represent an efficient solution, compared to other alternatives; however, to guarantee its quality during the service period, it is necessary to involve a sub-drainage system. Excess water affects the parameters of resistance and durability, which is why we emphasize…

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Contención en suelo reforzado

Considerations for the design of retaining walls in reinforced soil

Geogrid-reinforced soil retaining walls are a construction alternative to traditional concrete solutions, which have multiple benefits during the construction process and throughout the service life of the structure. Nevertheless; To take advantage of this construction alternative, it is necessary…

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Beneficios de las geomallas

Benefits of geogrids for the construction of retaining walls in reinforced soil

For the development of retaining walls in soil reinforced with geosynthetics, it is important to understand the benefits offered by uniaxial geogrids, compared to geotextiles. Geotextiles are generic materials developed for engineering works in different applications; however, not specifically for the formation of walls…

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