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Design And Construction Of Structures In Soil Reinforced With Geosynthetics

Geosynthetic-reinforced soil containment structures have positioned themselves as a cost-efficient solution for the development of different applications, among them, the reduction of fill and the reconformation of slopes.

To guarantee the stability, durability and efficiency of this type of structure, it is important to consider the design and the choice of the indicated geosynthetic as a reinforcement element, as well as its correct implementation.

To explain this, PhD in civil sciences and director of the Geosynthetic Institute, George Koerner, together with the civil engineer and technical director of Geomatrix, Omar Torres, held a conference where the key aspects for the development of a solution with this technology are evidenced.

In the following excerpt from the conference, you can see the firsts of this technology and its implementation in different applications.



During the conference, in addition, the experts address some insights about traditional solutions vs. those made with geosynthetics, statistical findings, the importance of the drainage system and the aspects to be taken into account for the design and construction stages.

If you wish to delve into each of the topics mentioned, we invite you to consult the full paper below.


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