We recognize the importance of sustainability in the industry

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by manufacturing products of the highest quality. We are proud that our factory is environmentally responsible and we firmly believe that geosynthetics contribute significantly to our society by achieving friendly solutions to optimize construction projects. infrastructure, prevent natural disasters, take care of water and contribute to the sustainable economic development of the community.

We have implemented several initiatives to ensure that our operation is eco-friendly in the development of our solutions and products framed in processes that seek  minimize our impact, committed to each of our main stakeholders in maintaining friendly practices with our environment.

We include in our DNA as a company, a culture of awareness of the impact we have on our environment, seeking to encourage recycling and the use of cleaner means of transportation, as well as the use of renewable energy, reduction of waste and emissions, and the use of raw materials with high potential for second use as recycled material in other industries.

We constantly work on improving our processes based on making them increasingly sustainable. Using our products not only acquires a high quality and performance product, but also supports a company that builds the region in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our sustainable products

We are Latin American manufacturers with a broad portfolio of products that complement natural materials to achieve lasting solutions with a lower carbon footprint in the supply of the work, its construction and future performance of the project. We create solutions that help the use, conservation and care of water and its efficient management. Likewise, we have geotextiles that capture and conduct water in channels and reservoirs and solutions for the discharge of cleaner water.

Our products   for erosion control are technologically designed and manufactured to minimize soil erosion, prevent the detachment of sediments and protect the ecosystem and surrounding populations from possible landslides and risks.

We work to achieve effective and environmentally friendly solutions for the recovery of green areas, use and reinforcement of soils, revegetation and landscaping to manage slopes and arid soils. In  mining projects,  We support the environmental recovery of exploited areas recoverable to their original state.

For bodies of water, we propose options for lining formation  hydraulic   avoiding scour phenomena and settlements in support soils on shores, which help prevent landslides that can cause environmental and social trauma.

In paving solutions, we have highly durable products that reduce pavement rehabilitation processes and are in line with the new eco-friendly options, allowing the reuse of material (RAP -Recycled Asphalt Pavement) as well as reducing the amount of new asphalt. required and conserving resources.

We will continue in our effort to provide planet-friendly solutions throughout our operation. We understand the importance of protecting the ecosystem and are constantly looking for new technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. We are sure that all this effort will not only benefit our present, but will also contribute to building a sustainable future for the new generations.