We manufacture a wide line of products from high performance, designed from the base of knowledge and experience of geosynthetics and their functions as well as market needs. Additionally, we have a line of marketed products allowing us to have a robust and complete portfolio, ready to meet the needs of each sector.



Civil Engineering is one of the branches of engineering that has more specialties, since they range from those that focus on construction to those that focus on the sanitary and environmental field. Therefore, carrying out studies that lead to one more degree in each of its applications is essential for the successful development of each project.



The use of geosynthetics in sectors such as mining, road infrastructure and hydrocarbons, among others have been shown to have significant structural benefits (high performance) and cheap (efficient).

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With more than 40 methods accredited by GAI-LAP, it is consolidated as the most important high specification geosynthetics laboratory in the region.

The Laboratory is an Entity own and autonomous that supports the quality and main virtues of the products, granting criteria, objectivity and trust to the client. This accreditation was granted by the Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute (GSI) under its accreditation program GAI - LAP


Expertos en geosintéticos

Improvement of the level crossing road (Route 60)

The improvement of the Paso Nivel road (Route 60) – Ye Amagá – La Clarita – Angelópolis has a length of 11.1 kilometers with a variable width, between 6 and 7 meters; that it was necessary to rebuild with a 52 cm pavement structure composed of a FORTGRID BX30 biaxial geogrid,


Expertos en geosintéticos
Expertos en geosintéticos

road embankment protection,  Alto Magdalena road concession

The marginal protection included the disposal of Geocontainers at heights of up to 5.5m along 130 meters of the right bank of the river, in contact with the road embankment. The protection
it was projected exceeding the maximum water level expected for a return period of 100 years.


Expertos en geosintéticos
Expertos en geosintéticos

Construction of the EBK-122 mining project heliport

Due to the mining logistics activities carried out in the area,
It required having a heliport whose platform and structural capacity were adequate for an 18-ton MI-Russo Helicopter.
The topography of the site represented a challenge given the difficulties for the
expansion of the useful area in the crown of the slope, ruling out alternatives
such as embankments and rigid retaining structures due to their height and cost.


Expertos en geosintéticos