Non woven geotextiles

Permeable geosynthetics made with short fiber interlaced randomly by needle punching and thermal processes.


Fibertex are non-woven geotextiles used for filtration, drainage and soil separation in the construction of infrastructure works, as protection of geomembranes and as a substrate for waterproofing. They are made with virgin polypropylene fibers using dry punching technology, where they are extruded, carded and finally punched, achieving a geotextile with high resistance to damage caused during installation, excellent abrasion properties, high dimensional strength and uniformity. , an elongation superior to 50% and an adequate balance between permeability and particle retention.





________     Advantages  ________

Fibertex, Geomatrix


Balance between resistance and elongation that allows a high absorption of energy.

Fibertex, Geomatrix


Excellent resistance to installation damage.

Fibertex, Geomatrix


Excellent abrasion properties.

Fibertex, Geomatrix


It has excellent abrasion properties. [No surface abrasion]

Fibertex, Geomatrix


Allows a high controlled water flow.