Textile Mat

Temporary cover in woven geotextile designed to fill with concrete.

Quiltcrete Articulate

Articulated Colchacreto is a textile form designed to be filled with hydraulic mortar in order to obtain predetermined forms to be used in protection works or coatings against erosion.. It is made up of two layers of interwoven geotextile on its lateral edges and in intermediate zones distributed in such a way that when it is filled, a system of articulated blocks is obtained that remain interconnected through the layers of geotextile and through interior longitudinal and transverse tendons. It presents a high resistance in its fibers, which allows it to perform adequately under the pressure of pouring the concrete and an adequate size of the opening of the pores, to filter the excess water from the mixture. It is designed to form hydraulic lining structures where the phenomenon of undermining or settlement in the supporting soil is anticipated.

Colchacreto Articulado


Protection of structures with Hydrotube

River bank and
shoreline protection

Lining in channels 

___________     Advantages  __________

Colchacreto Articulado


High coverage area/concrete volume ratio

Colchacreto Articulado


Adapts to different ground surfaces, even under water.

Colchacreto Articulado


Easy installation with no skilled labor or specialized equipment required.

Colchacreto Articulado


High installation performance.