Three-dimensional structure made up of polymeric or geotextile sheets joined together at a certain distance and pattern, which when expanded forms panels of discrete cells in the manner of a honeycomb.

trustcell LS

They are load-bearing geocells made of solid textured high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheets bonded by ultrasound. They are mainly used for soil reinforcement in foundations, reinforcement of pavement structures, channel linings and other applications with high mechanical requirements. CONFICELL LS is a lightweight, expandable and highly durable system that increases the mechanical performance of soils due to its high stiffness, strength, confinement capacity and interaction with the aggregate.

Conficell LS


subgrade reinforcement

of granular layers


_____________     Advantages  ____________

Conficell LS


They provide confinement that increases the mechanical capacity of the layers of stone aggregate or soil.

Conficell LS


They provide a beam effect that attenuates the pressure applied locally.

Conficell LS


They allow the construction of pavements on soft compressible soils quickly and efficiently.

Conficell LS


Filled with concrete, they provide a long-lasting, flexible lining at a lower cost than other systems.

Conficell LS


The confinement and reinforcement effect makes the formed protections tolerant to deformations.