Woven Geotextiles

Permeable geosynthetics, resistant to tension, tearing and punching.

Composed of continuous elements joined by weaving techniques.


Propyweave is a woven geotextile made with elements in the form of flat polypropylene (PP) tape, designed to meet the requirements of the main construction specifications for the separation and stabilization of soils and granular layers.





___________     Advantages  ___________

Propyweave, Geomatrix


It offers adequate strength properties and hydraulic behavior for basic separation and stabilization applications.

Propyweave, Geomatrix


It is easy to transport and install.

Propyweave, Geomatrix


It is resistant to damage occurring during the installation stage.

Propyweave, Geomatrix


It is resistant to damage that occurs during the installation stage.