Woven Geotextiles

Permeable geosynthetics, resistant to tension, tearing and punching.

Composed of continuous elements joined by weaving techniques.


Fortex is a geotextile woven with fibers from the exclusive G5 multifilament high-tenacity polyester (PET), characterized by presenting high mechanical and hydraulic performance. It is ideal for the reinforcement of subgrade soils and granular layers in pavements, embankments, and retaining structures in reinforced soil.

Its structure is defined by the weft insertion technique, which gives it the fastest tension response against soil deformations and stability in hydraulic performance at any level of stress or confinement.



Longitudinal underdrainage


Reinforced soil walls

Embankments on soft soils

of foundation

______ Advantages ______

Fortex, Geomatrix


High resistance to tension: high mechanical contribution capacity that stabilizes soft compressible soils.

Fortex, Geomatrix


High elastic modulus: high immediate elastic response that provides reinforcement to the ground.

Fortex, Geomatrix


Low creep: controls long-term deformation of structures.

Fortex, Geomatrix


Stability in hydraulic performance: weft insertion structure that maintains permeability at any level of stress or confinement.

Fortex, Geomatrix


Evacuation of water on its plane: multifilament fibers that conduct water on its plane by transmissivity.

Fortex, Geomatrix


Multifunctional: in addition to its reinforcing capacity, it performs adequately as a separator and filter element.