Geosynthetics for
erosion control

Given the erosive processes that are presented by natural agents, and that are increased by activities related to human intervention, Geomatrix geosynthetics provide immediate protection by favoring the development of vegetation as a solution to mitigate this type of phenomenon.



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Geosintéticos para control de erosión

Erosion control on slopes

Erosion control blankets prevent the mechanical action of erosive agents and retain loose soil particles. This protective effect controls the degradation of exposed soils and rocks, facilitates the establishment of vegetation and strengthens the root system. With geocells it consists of confining fertile soil within the openings of the geocell to protect it from the agents of erosion and support it on high slope terrain. This system is used for planting all kinds of slopes and surfaces.

Geosintéticos para control de erosión

Reinforced soil wall facade and steep slopes.

It consists of placing protection elements of other geosynthetics against UV rays to increase their durability, promote the establishment of vegetation and improve the aesthetics of the landscape environment.

Geosintéticos para control de erosión

Stone fall control

It consists of generating a cover for the slopes taking advantage of the tensile strength and outdoor durability of the geogrids or hydrogrids that are anchored on them. This benefit is used to prevent rockslides or control the fall of rocks, including debris.



Geosintéticos para control de erosión

Erosion control
in channels

It consists of increasing the resistance to the shear stress imposed by the flow of water on both bare and vegetated soils. This effect is used to line channels on land in road and agricultural projects in a natural way due to the presence of vegetation.