Ethics Line

What is the Geomatrix Ethics Line?

The ethics line is the confidential communication channel that has been created so that Geomatrix's suppliers, contractors and clients can report any fact, behavior, suspicious activity or corruption, irregularities, incorrect acts or any other type of situation that is considered inappropriate. ethics and that affect the proper climate of the organization.

The information provided will have a strict treatment of confidentiality and anonymity.

Key tips of the ethics line

- The transparency line is different from the customer service line.

- It is not a tool for complaints and claims, but for reporting behaviors that go against the transparency and integrity of the company.

- It is not for suggestions or attention to work or personal issues.

- Must be used responsibly. The facts reported must be real and verifiable.


What can you report on these channels?

Corruption and/or bribery: Willingness to act dishonestly by abusing the power entrusted by the entity in exchange for personal benefits, either directly or indirectly, and unfairly favoring third parties against the interests of the entity. In turn, bribery is defined as the offer, promise or granting of an incentive to influence a decision or obtain an undue advantage for one's own benefit, that of the entity or that of a third party, with which Geomatrix has a contractual or commercial relationship. 

Information misuse: Any activity carried out by a member of the entity to subtract, steal, manipulate, sell, sabotage or exchange information contained in the systems and/or recordings under the protection of Geomatrix will be considered as improper use of information.