Geosynthetic formed by a regular network of integrally connected elements with openings that allow interlocking with the surrounding soil, rock, earth and other materials to provide them with reinforcement. Composed of continuous elements joined by weaving techniques.

fiber glass grid

Fiberglass Grid are biaxial fiberglass geogrids, designed to reinforce and control the reflection of cracks in asphalt concrete layers. They are impregnated with bitumen to guarantee their compatibility with the asphalt and facilitate their adherence to the asphalt layers. The size of its openings allows a high interaction with the aggregate that makes up the mixture and direct contact between the surfaces involved.

Fiberglass Grid


Asphalt binder reinforcement

___________     Advantages  ____________

Fiberglass Grid


They control the reflection of cracks in asphalt layers.

Fiberglass Grid


They absorb the horizontal tensile stresses that occur in the lower plane of the asphalt layer.

Fiberglass Grid


They increase the resistance of asphalt layers to rutting.