Geotextiles Fortex

Although there are a variety of alternatives, the FORTEX geotextile is very useful for this application, thanks to its mechanical and hydraulic properties.

By meeting all the demands required by the reinforcement of subgrades, it allows the control of deformations, achieving a superior reinforcement effect, compared to geotextiles made with other raw materials.

Like those mentioned, know other advantages that the use of Fortex geotextiles will bring you for the reinforcement of subgrades, from the hand of Civil Engineer Armando Padilla. You can check out our video or refer to the transcript.

Find out how the subgrade reinforcement contributed to the success of two projects here.



5 advantages of Fortex geotextiles for subgrade reinforcement


  1. High tensile strength. The Fortex geotextiles they can reach resistances of up to 800 kN per meter, a resistance to provide excellent results in the reinforcement of very soft soils.


  1. High modulus of deformation. Describes the development of high tensile strengths at low strain levels. This property, like the ultimate tensile strength, is measured through the ASTMD 4595 procedure in which, in addition to finding the ultimate tensile strength, it will find the 2 and 5% resistances of the geotextile deformation.

Geotextiles Fortex


  1. low creep The plastic deformation over time of Fortex geotextiles, called creep, is much lower than that of other raw materials, such as polypropylene or nylon. In this way, the stability of the mechanical properties of the geotextile in the long term is guaranteed.

Geotextiles Fortex


  1. Excellent hydraulic stability. The weft insertion technology of Fortex geotextiles guarantees adequate dimensional stability of the textile openings. This translates into high hydraulic performance, which is maintained regardless of stress levels or their directions in the geotextile plane.

Geotextiles Fortex


  1. Finally, as manufacturers we can deliver special widths of up to 6.2 meters to your project, which translates into less waste due to overlapping and, therefore, represents greater savings for your project.



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