concrete dikes

A dam is a structure made of concrete, stone or selected earth material that is built with the aim of containing water, preventing its passage. They can be built perpendicular or parallel to the watercourse that is intended to be contained.

In dikes formed from the material selected from the site, it is important to consider an additional coating to control lateral erosion that may occur on the slopes, because this type of structures may be in constant contact with water. 


For this we have PECE or rolled products for erosion control, which are blankets geosynthetics temporary or permanent, specifically designed to control the erosive process. For the case in question, the use of permanent FISH type TRM (three-dimensional synthetic blankets of high resistance and durability) is required.


The mantle TERRATRAC TRM 50, It is a long-term permanent PECE, with a natural green color that integrates very well with the environment. atmosphere, rollable, easy and quick to install, which presents high resistance against the hydrodynamic forces present in slopes and channels, which eliminates the abrasion of erosive agents on the ground, controlling the runoff that may occur from the crown of the slope and reduces the speed of water flow.


Finally, it has thickness and voids to house and protect the seeds and organic matter necessary for the growth of the symbiotic microorganism, which promote the establishment of new vegetation.